Dr. Susan Maples

Susan Maples

Dr. Susan Maples climbed from being an effective, busy clinician doing tooth-based dentistry, to an accomplished and fulfilled total health and advanced restorative dentist, performing at the forefront of her profession. Susan recognized first-hand the declining health trajectory in America, and wanted to help. She saw that patient’s mouths provided plenty of telltale signs of systemic disease, putting her preventive team in a perfect position to help patients turn things around and reclaim their health, happiness and positivity. 

Spearheading Total Health Dentistry (or Integrative Dental Medicine) has become her passion.  In 2015, Susan co-authored the book, BlabberMouth!  77 Secrets Only Your Mouth Can Tell You To Live a Healthier, Happier, Sexier Life, where readers learn how the mouth reveals early signs of disease in the body.  

As a recognized expert in mouth-body connections, Susan  has become a sought-after speaker for her ability to inspire just about anyone—medical and dental professionals, business executives, and team members—but Susan’s real passion is to help children.  She believes they are our future and need to be put in the driver’s seat for a preferred future of better wellness. To reach them, Susan knew that she needed to help their parents better understand how to roll up their sleeves and become brave parents.  And thus, the concept of a book for parents was created.  

“I have come to learn that lifespan and healthspan are two very different things. Unhealthy adulthood begins in childhood.

– Dr. Susan Maples